Shopify Pursuit

brand identity and graphic design | Clive Agency London

Client: Shopify

Shopify Pursuit is an international conference series for Shopify Partners that help them building their business and your network.

The brand identity for Shopify Pursuit 2020 maintains the same dynamic of 2018 with a new added level of design detail incorporated to enhance the delegate experience.

The use of the arrow has been reviewed and refined for 2020. Specific attention has been focused on the design detail and application of the arrow. Taking inspiration from natural occurrences such as schools of fish and the murmurations of birds. We have reconsidered how communities move together in unison with one goal and an added level of protection and security.

The movement is reactive and fluid enabling the community to respond to any given circumstance aligning to the flexibility of the Shopify service offering.

Each arrow is representative of the Shopify partners and in the live environment the attendees themselves.


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