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Client: fondazione marche cultura

Fondazione Marche Cultura is an authority that deals with conservation and promotion of the cultural heritage of the Marche Region. Le Marche is a region located in the central area of the county, it’s not very well known but it gave birth to important figures of Italian culture.

The term “culture” includes several fields and the Fondazione Marche Cultura unifies different entities.

For these reasons we started from the shape of the circle: the circle is something that includes space, which unites different points, which holds in itself a vastness. It takes just a look at the letter “C” of “Culture” to understand that is a slightly elongated circle, cut on the right side.

Made the connection between the “C” and the circle, how to express this multiplicity? We have decided to dissect the circle, divide it into four equal parts, as if to say that every element of which culture is made has the same importance.

Culture is not something static, culture is always on the move, culture is creation and re-creation. Hence the idea of exploding the partitions of the circle in a sort of collage that has a sense of vitality and originality. For this reason the fourth segment, the highest leg of the “C”, is turned towards the contrary, it is rebellious, it rises up, it seems to fly away, to explore new territories.

Font and main colors

Avenir Regular and Bold

Other colors

We used the main colors for official documents, while for the posters, gadgets and the website we used other five colors.


Using geometric shapes of which the logo is made, we created an alphabet and we used it to write quotes of famous Le Marche’s figures on t-shirts.