fila italia

graphic design

Client: Fila Italia

Pitti Immagine Uomo 93

Art Director Renzo Cognini

Under the Art Director’s supervision, I designed the graphics for a large panel at the entrance to Costruzioni Lorenesi showroom.

The design is inspired by the new FILA logo tape (AW18 collection). On the panel’s side, there are Instagram tags and profiles related to Fila, as a suggestion for tagging.

I also designed the official invitation and a flyer for Double S show (Fabri Fibra official DJ).
For both designs I used the same FILA logo tape graphics used for the panel.

Fabri Fibra x Fila

Art Director Renzo Cognini

In 2017 Fabri Fibra began a collaboration with Fila Italia for creating a personalized mini-collection. It was sell in selected stores in cities where FF’s concert took place.

Together with the Art Director, I developed the graphics for the social campaign and for flyers.