Psea Collective Agreements

Our staff team advises and advises senior and executives on personnel relations issues, collective agreements, job descriptions, attendance, performance management, and staff training and discipline. We also support: PSEA is a company created under the Public and Operational Business Enterprise Act since 1994. In 2004, PSEA became the negotiating partner of each of its member institutions, including the VIUs, by order of the Council. The objectives of the PSEA, set out in its Constitution, are: Coast Mountain College is a unionized and free work environment. We encourage all union members of the team to read their collective and general interest agreements: the Post-Secondary Employees Association (PSEA) is the employer`s bargaining partner for all public universities, educational universities and general interest institutes. These institutions are the BC`s POSTT sector and are subject to the College and Institutes Act and university law.dem.